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Aloe Blacc

Building on a relationship that has spanned more than a decade, it brings Nao tremendous personal and professional pleasure to announce its partnership with rising hip hop and soul artist Aloe Blacc. To say the least, Nao is energized over the prospects of nurturing the management & growth of Aloe Blacc’s online brand (including and attendant social media touch points). Born in L.A. in 1979, Aloe Blacc has had a lifelong interest in music. He has been a solo artist since 2006 with the release of, Shine Through (Stones Throw), a combination of neo-soul and Latin music – a gentle nod to his Panamanian ancestry. He has since partnered with the Truth & Soul Productions crew for 2010’s more organic effort, Good Things, which featured the hit single “I Need a Dollar,” along with a cover version of the Velvet Underground’s “Femme Fatale.”

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