Lance Armstrong, Katie Couric, and Beyonce Headline January's Entertainment News

Here’s a roundup of this month’s sports and entertainment news highlights, including updates on neverending stories like the Lance Armstrong saga and the Manti Te’o love…er…Bermuda Triangle? Yikes. Entertainment Weekly reports that Lance Armstrong turns down appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Even if there’s no more Tour de France for Lance, at least he’s got a …

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Pinstagram: Coding Adventure, Genius Results

If you’ve been sucked into the voracious black holes of procrastination otherwise known as Pinterest or Instagram, then you probably want to stop reading right now. Because now there’s – get this – Pinstagram. Are you frightened yet? I am. Pinstagram is the brainchild of Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo, and was the kooky result …

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Critical Success Factors For Project Managers (Part 1)

Recently, I introduced a research exercise to my Project Management Implementation class called critical success factor category (CSFC) analysis. We used the basic tenets of this technique as a method for brainstorming activities that lead to the success of a project from the perspective of the project manager. While there are other categories typically associated with …

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Geekend 2011 | Social Media Conference

Chris Craft and Lamar Gilliam of Nao Media have been selected to give a talk at Geekend 2011. The social media conference takes place from November 10th-12th in Savannah, GA. Their lecture will be titled “Viral Notes: Music Marketing & Social Media”. For more information about Geekend, please visit their site.

Judi Chicago X Aquafina

Judi Chicago’s “Mad Ape” is the music for this Aquafina commercial in Canada. Nao Media & Consulting provided the avenue for this opportunity by creating a relationship with Judi Chicago / Aljera Music and the great NYC-based music licensing firm, Shelly Bay Music. Nao Media & Consulting and Shelly Bay Music have now partnered to form …

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