Pinstagram: Coding Adventure, Genius Results

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If you’ve been sucked into the voracious black holes of procrastination otherwise known as Pinterest or Instagram, then you probably want to stop reading right now. Because now there’s – get this – Pinstagram.

Are you frightened yet? I am.

Pinstagram is the brainchild of Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo, and was the kooky result of a weekend coding binge. According to co-creator Pongpaet, Pinstagram is going to be a perfect interface for people who want to enjoy Instagram from a desktop. That said, there are still some kinks to be worked out of the new interface, which is literally weeks old. You may encounter any number of unpredictable and random roadblocks on your way to “Pinstagramming,” including log-in challenges that have been commonly reported. Just keep hitting the button, it’ll go through eventually (I’m told).

To check out Pinstagram, you simply use it to connect to your existing Instagram account, where you can view your photos in a layout almost identical to the popular layout featured on Pinterest. The best thing? If you come across an image you love, you can pin it to your Pinterest account directly from Pinstagram. The best of both worlds! Now, go waste some time playing on the computer.

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