Lance Armstrong, Katie Couric, and Beyonce Headline January's Entertainment News

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Here’s a roundup of this month’s sports and entertainment news highlights, including updates on neverending stories like the Lance Armstrong saga and the Manti Te’o love…er…Bermuda Triangle? Yikes.

  • Entertainment Weekly reports that Lance Armstrong turns down appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Even if there’s no more Tour de France for Lance, at least he’s got a few options open.
  • Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o asks Katie Couric ‘What would you do?’ in his first interview after the girlfriend hoax – admitting to learning he was duped before the game that started it all via FoxNews.
  • Great capture of Twitter reactions to Beyonce’s alleged lip-syncing at Barack Obama’s inauguration from
  • And, guess who’s bringing sexy back to the Super Bowl? In this MTV announcement, “Justin Timberlake Books Super Bowl Weekend Gig,” Timberlake will perform at the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night charity event on February 2, one day before the big game.

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