Weekly Wednesday Standout #20: The Super Bowl Weekend That Was – Joe Flacco and Dodge Trucks

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This blog covered the marketing of Russell Wilson and Johnny Football, the relationship between Chip Kelly and Nick Saban, and the dynamism of Colin Kaepernick. We end our 2012-13 season coverage by focusing on the least known QB of the final four, and now Super Bowl Champion: Joe Flacco.

Overshadowed by his quarterback counterpart in each round – Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Colin Kaepernick – Flacco quietly had a postseason that had writers asking if it was the greatest quarterback play in playoff history. And quiet is a good word, both for his football background and his personality. Flacco transferred from University of Pittsburgh to FCS Conference Delaware. He set 20 school records during his time, and was drafted with the 18th pick by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008. Without an eye popping style, he’s flown under the radar in his five year NFL career – articles range from describing him as “dull” to asking if he’s an elite quarterback. His biggest post Super Bowl MVP endorsement deal is with a gummy bear company. In the end, however, a Super Bowl championship speaks for itself.

Dodge Ram

Many noted a more solemn approach to Super Bowl commercials this year. None embodied that more than Dodge Ram’s “Farmer” commercial. Paul Harvey narrates a series of still photos. Simple, and effective:

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