Your Guide to #Sports Hashtags

Hashtags are a versatile way to communicate. It can be used as a way to categorize topics, a search function, or to group comments together to create a cohesive narrative of events. Hashtags on Twitter are especially useful in sporting events for the simple reason that sports are live and televised, and bring a lot …

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Super Bowl

Do Super Bowl Commercials Work?

  With a 30 second Super Bowl spot costing upwards of $4 million, the question remains: is it worth it? At some point, the cost of the commercial has to outweigh the financial benefits, and having a Super Bowl commercial is only for company bragging rights. Maybe we’ve already hit that turning point – after …

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Halftime In America Commercial Analysis

Commercials are as big a part of the Super Bowl experience as the game itself. The best ad spots build a buzz and create “water cooler” talk. Unsuccessful spots are met with resounding silence. Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” campaign was widely lauded as one of the best commercials while simultaneously creating a political stir. Watch …

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