Halftime In America Commercial Analysis

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Commercials are as big a part of the Super Bowl experience as the game itself. The best ad spots build a buzz and create “water cooler” talk. Unsuccessful spots are met with resounding silence. Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” campaign was widely lauded as one of the best commercials while simultaneously creating a political stir. Watch the commercial here:

The spot features Clint Eastwood’s gruff narration. Eastwood created an American archetype through his Westerns and his later films set in middle class middle America. The commercial uses this background to present Eastwood as a voice of the common person. In a similar manner, the commercial presents the fall and rise of Detroit’s car industry, as well as the rough and tumble stereotype of Detroit, as the city that represents the values of America. The commercial airing at halftime of America’s most popular game strengthens its ties to the spirit that defined the country for many. The statement is clear – belief in Chrysler is belief in this country’s ability to bounce back.

There’s been recent debate about whether this commercial is pro-Obama, a free ad spot for the President in this election year. The commercial’s reference to being halftime in America is a sly tip towards President Obama’s campaign. The ad veers into the political arena with discussions of a split America, angering many.

Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” ad spot, recalling the strengths of a unified country, was the talk of social media shortly after airing. The attention paid to it alone makes it a winner on Super Bowl Sunday.

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