How Every Athlete Can Use Social Media to Become a Fan Favorite

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Athletes who aren’t getting the most out of their presence through social media are selling themselves short. If you’re an athlete who wants to get more out of social media, this post is for you. An increased social media presence through quality community management can yield increased fan support and new business opportunities.

Every athlete can’t lean on extreme talent and superstardom to be a fan favorite. If you’re a non-star role player on a team and you have an engaging personality plus a basic understanding of social, you can use social media to grow your presence. Social media is like a magnifying glass. You have the opportunity to use your voice and put focus on yourself and your moves. There are a lot of voices out there though; and with that in mind, I’ve provided you some tips that will allow your voice to break from the pack and rise to the top.

Get help

If you’re spread too thin between training and other tasks, hire a trusted person or reputable digital agency that can understand and help you reach your social media goals. They must also fully understand your unique voice. You don’t want someone to provide cookie cutter social media services to you. This can ruin engagement with fans.

Follow the rules

If the league and/or team you play for have rules on conduct and/or posting time restrictions, abide by them. Be sure to relay all rules and confirm understanding with anyone managing your social media accounts.

Listen first

If you’re just starting out with social, set up your accounts and simply “listen” for a while before engaging. Consider seeking the help of a social savvy teammate early in the game to get you started.

Don’t be passive

True, it’s the job of the owners to put people in place to market the product (the team and related entertainment) as a whole. It’s your agent’s job to negotiate your contracts. It’s your job to take responsibility for your brand’s marketing. Don’t wait on anyone to do this for you.

Collaboration and Conversation

Team up with fellow players and entertainers to do interesting things. This could be as simple as having a conversation with a fellow athlete or entertainer in the open. Make sure no private information is being shared of course. People like to see how you interact with people. They don’t want to read tweet after tweet of you promoting a party that they likely won’t be able to or want to attend.


Being involved with the local community that supports the team you play for will go a long way. Post photos and video of you participating in a community event. Organize fan meetups through social (Shaquille O’Neal did this well toward the end of his basketball career).

Fun & Funny

Everyone can’t do funny; but if you can, do it! To be clear, this doesn’t mean to make a fool of yourself. But making fans laugh is a great way to their hearts.

Now that you have these tips, get in the game!


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Chris Craft is a Christian, husband, father, and the author of The Foundation: Branding for Successful Real Estate Professionals and O.P.E.N. Routine: Four Components to Personal Branding Excellence. As the founder of content creation agency Nao Media, Chris helps churches and businesses produce written content and have better conversations with their members and stakeholders. Chris is also the host of The Chris Craft Show, which helps its listeners renew their mind with edifying stories and insights.