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Twitter Day in Life

On any average day, you might be using your personal or business Twitter accounts to promote your ideas, politics, viewpoints, or just that great new pair of shoes you found that you feel compelled to show off to the world. But what do people really use Twitter for most? The new Diffbot Page Classifier API, which “instantly determines the page-type of any web link,” looked at 750,000 links posts on Twitter to help give a glimpse of the truth behind our Tweets.

From July 10-11, 2012, the Page Classifier API look at Tweets to size up what we’re sharing, what sites were most commonly used, and what languages most commonly appear on the social networking giant. A few of the fun facts collected by the API included:

  • 36% of posts analyzed linked to an image, while 16% linked to an article
  • Frontpages, status updates, and page errors all accounted for 7% each of links posted to Twitter within the sample group
  • Less than 2% of links posted directed to things including audio, charts, profiles, documents, recipes, or job listings.
  • Not surprisingly, YouTube took top spot for most used video site (60% of the posted links), with Twitcam running a distant 2nd place at 9% of posted links
  • Twitter was the most shared image site with 40% of links posted that directed to a picture, while Instagram edged in at 15% of links posted.
  • Amongst highly shared posts, 68% were in the English language, while 15% were in Russian and only 2% were in Japanese.
  • A scant 0.48% of posts were in Italian.



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