10 Social Media Commandments

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10 commandments of social media

The great rapper Notorious B.I.G. once laid out his 10 steps for surviving in the music industry. And seeing how we are in the golden age of digital marketing and creative content, we at Nao Media & Consulting laid out our “10 Social Media Commandments” for successful online marketing this year and beyond.

The 10 Commandments of Social Media are:

1. Thou Shall Add Value – What is value? Is it advice, tips, or hints? Is it giving back a blueprint for online marketing success? All marketers have their own definition of value, but we can all agree that value is something that elevates the current standard and status quo.

2. Thou Shall Be Interesting – You could have the most insightful data in the world, but what good is it if people don’t connect with the underlying idea? Learn to tell stories to illustrate the big points of the data. Make your ideas come alive.

3. Thou Shall Have Conversations – Social media is the world’s largest water cooler. Conversation is a two way street.

4. Thou Shall Add Content – Content is the bread and butter of online marketing, and comes in many forms. From blog posts, to podcasts, to video, creating good content is the lifeline of any business.

5. Thou Shall Add Images – Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those without. Need I say more?

6. Thou Shall Automate – Automating used to be a dirty word, the antithesis to personal. But there’s only so much an individual can do in a day. Take a little off your plate, and get back to the foundation of your business.

7. Thou Shall Learn – The internet moves exponentially, and rules are changing every day. The last couple years have been the rise of content. The next five years will be radically different. Keep up with the times.

8. Thou Shall Measure – If you don’t measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign, what do you learn? How can you improve?

9. Thou Shall Give Back – Whether through retweets or guest blog posts, there’s many ways to give back to the social media ecosystem.

10. Thou Shall Break the Rules – After all, some of the greatest innovations have come from breaking existing standards and rules.

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