Are You “Cover Ready” For Facebook’s Timeline Launch?

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For most folks with a Facebook account, you’ve already been exposed to the new “Timeline” feature in some form or fashion. Either you have many friends who have made the switch over to the new timeline, or you yourself have taken the leap into the modern new interface with its large “cover photo” display at the top.

Whether you have the timeline yet or not is immaterial, because you will soon. Though Facebook hasn’t announced any specific “due” date on the switch, they have said that over coming weeks they will be “rolling out” the new timeline to all users. So what do you need to know about the rather large cover photo image that will soon be appearing on your profile (whether you like it or not)?

You should know that much like a magazine that reads all about you, your cover photo is what many users will inherently draw their assessment of you from – whether it’s accurate or not. In a recent study at Ohio State University, graduate student researchers found that users depended more on the cover photo than the “About Me” section when it came to assessing whether the user in question was extroverted or not.

Which means you should definitely make sure you have a big, beautiful picture of something you love to plaster across the top of your new Facebook page – whether it’s a sunset over the ocean, your smiling kids, the love of your life, or your favorite drinking buddies at a happy hour. Well, that is unless you want to join the hordes of users who will undoubtedly threaten to cancel their accounts, “if Facebook changes one more darn thing.”

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