Don’t Discount Google+ – Yet.

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If you’re anything like me, about every month or so, you find yourself aggravated or annoyed by something you saw on a certain blue-themed social networking site (which shall remain nameless) and end up blurting out “Ugh, I’m just gonna cancel this stupid thing! I hate half these people anyways!”

Perhaps this frustration is sourced through political discussions, drunken pictures, or friend requests from an ex you’d rather forget, but one thing is certain, and that is that most of us have a love/hate relationship with that social networking behemoth (let’s just say it: I’m talking about Facebook). To that, Google would happily suggest you switch to Google+. But it appears Google+ is growing, but still has yet to come anywhere near eclipsing the big blue giant that is Facebook. Why is that?

Google+ has a lot of pluses (no pun intended) – it’s easily linked up with existing Google accounts, it allows you to maintain complete privacy and separation amongst groups and “types” of friends, and really, what’s one more social networking site password to remember? You did cancel your Myspace account, didn’t you (please tell me you did)?

According to a recent piece on the New York Times Bits blog, the one thing that might be holding Google+ back is its design and messy interface. Despite pulling in 100 million new user sign-ups, Google+ is still having trouble getting its apps for various smartphones to pull off a snazzy appearance and smooth delivery with experienced users.

That’s okay, though. Next time your Aunt Mildred posts another political chain e-mail as her status (no really, the entire e-mail…the whole thing), just remember that hard work could pay off. After all, the only folks that are really using it at this point are the ones who have been scared off from Facebook as well. If you’re tired of dealing with the drama of Facebook and want to simplify, Google+ may still be worth a look.

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