Online Business Writing – How Often Should You Blog?

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When any business decides to incorporate blogging into their cache, the first question they will probably ask is “what will we write about ?”. After a brainstorming session and thinking up awesome topics, the next question is usually “how often should we publish?”. The first question is relatively simple: you write the type of content that applies to your target market. The second question, isn’t so easy. Some businesses post once a week while others post a few times a day. How is one to know what’s the magic number of  business writing to publish?

A general rule to internet business writing is to publish at least twice a week. Why twice? It’s been said that blogs should have fresh and new content released two times a week to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming them. Sure you can blog more than twice a week, but if your content becomes hurried, sloppy and irrelevant, you’re only harming your business. Below are 4 reasons why business writing twice a week is the best for your company blog.

Blogging is Everything to Modern Business 

A company blog is a gold mine for business referrals. How  you ask? Well, website visitors to your blog are potential clients.  The more people that visit your site, the more potential clients you can have. Consequently, the bigger the potential client pool, the more of a chance there is to convert those potential clients into (hopefully, returning) customers. Satisfied customers give awesome referrals to their friends and family seeking business writing services and so the cycle continues. Keeping an active blog is one of the easiest ways to combine online advertising, customer experience and lead generation. Putting out quality posts twice a week helps to get the word out quicker.

Delivers Better SEO Results 

Keyword search accessibility is everything in digital marketing. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have made finding a business online as easy as a click of the mouse.  Hashtagging or using optimal keywords in your business writing guarantees that your content is searchable. Whether using popular trending topics or words specific to your branding, keywords help others find your content. Posting twice a week helps increase the chance of your content being found.

Merges Old & New Readers

Blogging at least twice a week helps to keep your current readers engaged, but it also helps your company to grow a whole new audience through your business writing. Readers old and new will appreciate an insightful and helpful blog post. To get the most out of your posts, make sure your business writing draws the reader in. Capture their attention at the beginning of the week with post #1 then keep them in suspense until the end of the week before releasing post #2.

Residual Social Media Benefits 

Blogging and social media are the one-two punch to any content marketing strategy.  Updating a social media account with frequent blogs can grow your readership across digital channels. Posting a blog update to a social site or linking a social site on your blog is an easy way to further the reach of your content. You could grow your Facebook fans through a blog post that went viral. Someone could see visuals on Instagram and become intrigued to the kind of services your business provides. The possibilities are endless and failing to keep an active social media profile could hinder your readership as well as your credibility. It’s extremely important to constantly refresh your company business writing through social media.

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