Pinterest and Mother-Marketing

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If you’re at all engaged in any kind of social media, you’ve probably heard at least one person talk about Pinterest and all the great stuff on it. This image-heavy site, full of ideas, tips, tricks, and general domestic “eye candy,” is a rich source of inspiration and information. No shocker here: it’s a massive hit with women.

For companies looking to round up a broader customer base, particularly with women, Pinterest is a goldmine of opportunity. Mashable’s latest data indicates that 68% of Pinterest users are women, and 50% of all users have children. And Pinterest’s endless supply of visual stimulation is created in large part by women, who find ideas all over the internet and “pin” the URLs and images to the site. This information is then decimated out into the rest of the cyber world, pinging off Google searches, blog postings, Facebook updates and every other imaginable avenue of spreading the news. This is helping entire companies broaden their horizons for female consumers of all ages, including:

  • Late teens and early 20s women, who often create hypothetical “pinboards” for their one-day dream weddings, creating huge opportunities for fashion, retail, photography, floral, paper, event, and other relevant businesses.
  • Women who are expecting or trying to conceive children – whether it’s their first or fifth. Roughly 30% of Pinterest’s female users are in the marketer-coveted 25-34 age bracket. The potential big winners in this business scenario are baby-specific retail, baby furniture companies, health and wellness, green and eco-friendly outlets (a green baby is a happy baby, didn’t you know?), clothing for mother and child, spa services, doulas and birthing centers, and craft stores.
  • Women who have older children or teens are using Pinterest to collect tips for organization, family friendly and economically wise recipes, inspirational mantras, fitness, and other uses.

And the appeal obviously carries on into later stages of life, with travel photography, fashion inspiration, home improvement, DIY projects, history, and other interests all being represented almost equally on the site.

Basically, if your business isn’t employing Pinterest in some sort of marketing effort, you’re missing a golden opportunity. Particularly if you have services or products that are going to be especially appealing to women who are busy creating lives and conquering the world – hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Start with a pin and see where it gets you.

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