Playing in Pink: Not Just an NFL Ploy For More Female Fans

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The NFL’s support of  the predominately feminine fight against breast cancer has been commended for its creative tactic to attract more female fans. But, the marketing campaign —  called “A Crucial Catch” in partnership with the American Cancer Society — is battling that messaging as being much more than a way to ride the wave of pink-PR-hype and get more women in the stands. It’s about supporting a problem that isn’t gender-specific. And, what better way to do that than by sharing the emotional and personal stories of athletes that are in stark contrast from the harsh exterior they display on game day?

With stories that hang on your heart strings like Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald and Nick Eason — they make a powerful statement to viewers that breast cancer isn’t just a worry for women; it’s a disease devastating everyone that in some cases have taken the lives of their biggest fans: mothers, sisters and wives.

And, by making it clear that this is not a campaign about turning women into football fanatics, but is instead a way for the boys to give thanks for the female supporters in their personal lives, they’ll still probably get those new female fans they’ve been looking for. And, that, my football fans, is pure genius.

Tell us, what do you think about pink marketing?

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