Should You Add Webinars to Your Video Content Creation Strategy?

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There’s been a steady push for companies to start to incorporate digital media into their marketing strategies. Between Snapchat, Vine and YouTube it feels like video content creation is the new wave of online marketing. Although mobile content through apps seem to be the popular route, businesses shouldn’t rule out webinars as another option to expand their brand across the world wide web.  Webinars are an online learning platform that allows a company to engage their audience and interact with them in a classroom like setting. Webinars increase engagement and lessen the gap between a company and its clients. When looking to educate your audience, there are 5 things to consider when trying to see if webinars will work well with your company’s goals.

Your Business Should Pursue Including Webinars into Your Video Content Creation Strategy When:

The Topic Can Stir Conversation

The best webinars are the ones that can answer questions that are being asked in real-time. Live webinars act as a great way to get active participation from an audience. Consider including a Q&A segment to your live webinar to encourage additional questions during the segment. When it comes to hosting a webinar;  the more conversation, the better.

You Want Group Participation

Live webinars can really get the conversation going.  Hashtags are a great strategy to gain more interest or promote the webinar in advance to make sure enough you have enough attendees. The hashtag idea also works as cool tool to further create buzz around the webinar subject and to further spread the word.

The Host is an Expert

Being that a webinar is an opportunity for a company to present themselves as an authority on a specific topic, you need to make sure the host is qualified to teach! Increase your credibility by making sure whoever is hosting is an expert and has the background experience to lead the audience in a positive and productive direction.

It’s a Collaborative Effort

Teaming up with another expert for video content creation is an easy way for your brand to be exposed to a whole new audience. It’s also an easy way to get whole results by only having to do half the work.  By creating a piece of co-branded copy, both companies can gain exposure while solidifying their authority on the topic. Find a topic that can combine content that is relevant to both speakers. If doing a live webinar, make sure to allow time for each expert to speak in detail about their specific area of expertise.

It Can Make a Profit

Many companies pursue webinars as an opportunity to receive compensation for a learning session. Companies can use  webinars as a wayto make money directly by charging users to attend the online meetings. The benefit? Both those who attend and those who cannot attend the webinar the date of the meeting receive the same information at the same cost. Webinars are an evergreen branded product for your business to use as needed.

Although hosting a webinar sounds easy, one should know that it is more than gathering a couple internet friends together in a chat room for an hour or two. Webinars  actually require a lot of hard work and background preparation. There’s research, planning and goal setting that needs to happen long before a company starts the video content creation process. If after careful consideration you’re ready to dive into the video content creation pool with webinars, make sure you’re fully equipped to avoid your company and your brand from drowning.


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