Infographics: Turn Your Corporate Blogging Viral

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Increase Engagement to Your Corporate Blogging By Adding Infographics

Where you own a  small business or work for a Fortune 500 company, the goal of blogging is the same; to encourage customer engagement. Once a potential customer has found a specific post on your corporate blog, you want to keep them there, keep them reading, and eventually share your compelling content. We’ve covered the importance of visual content in previous posts. Today, we focus on a specific type of visual storytelling: the infographic.

Infographics are 19% of Visual Content

To start, an infographic explains or displays data or information of all sorts in a visual form. An infographic has many uses, from revealing data to building brand awareness, but there’s one common thread: infographics tell stories. Whereas stock images that accompany content serve the purpose of creating context, infographics are the story itself.

The numbers reveal the power of an infographic and that is especially relevant to engage your corporate blogging career. Infographics are 30% more likely to be read than text articles and 40% of users respond more to visuals than text. Businesses that incorporate infographics into their corporate blogging or as part of their content marketing grow their traffic 12% higher than those who don’t. And most importantly, infographics are easily shared through Facebook and Twitter. It is the definition of viral content.

Create a Viral Infographic With Unique Storytelling

So how do you go about creating a compelling story through an infographic for your corporate blog?

Keep it simple:
Simplicity is the key to all stories, and especially so with infographics with its combination of words and visual element. As illustrator Gareth Cook says, infographics remove all the extraneous details of a story and focus on one aspect for maximum punch. While it’s important to stick to one clear message and story you want to tell, infographics also add in the element of reader flow. Most infographics span left to right, or up to down.

Get graphic help:
In expanding on the definition above, an infographic is a story told through images and numbers. The goal is to have a reader look at the image of your corporate blogging and immediately react. So while an infographic is related to data, the design aspect influences how a user responds and how a user flows through your story.

Share your infographic:
The most popular subjects of infographics are health, business, and politics. The average infographic uses 4.36 words in its title. Remember to make your corporate blogging infographic shareable and make it easy to embed so other sites can show off your work.

Resources To Create Corporate Blogging Infographics

There’s many free resources on the web to turn your story idea into an infographic. and are two sites to create different types of infographics by uploading data. Most importantly, both sites make sharing your creation as simple as one click.

Another excellent resource to gain inspiration for your next infographic is Fast Company’s “Infographic of the Day”. As the title suggests, the site features one infographic per day that highlights an issue pertaining to the business world. It is the best of infographics, both entertaining and informative.

With the visual nature of social networks, infographics are both a great way to tell a story and gain online traction. Whereas words are easily scanned text, infographics speak a thousand words with one glance. Infographics can act as an added boost to the killer content you already have within your corporate blogging. When shared properly, infographics are a significant viral component of the web.


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