Content Creation: Nao Media and Her New Focus

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Nao Content Creation

Our pivot to a content creation agency isn’t because it’s the cool thing to do. It’s a return to our roots. Sadly, we used to try to do it all. Not only is that proposition stressful for an agency, but it’s not ideal (for us anyway). We’re not an end-to-end digital marketing and design agency. We’re writers, content strategizers, content producers … The people behind your story.

As the author of O.P.E.N. Routine, a book that largely focuses on helping people find their passion, I could have done a better job leading Nao Media to focus on our collective passion for writing. But hey, I won’t beat myself up. Everything’s a process.


What is content creation?

Content creation as an industry phrase is quite general. I’ve recently defined ‘content’ as educational, promotional, and/or entertaining expression through media of various types. Content can be read, seen, or heard via websites, blogs, books, videos, television shows, movies, podcasts, and more. So now that the definition is out the way, let’s get on with the story.


Why did we pivot to content creation?

I can speak for the majority of our team, most of us have a creative foundation that’s rooted in writing. Yu, Jasmin, LaTina, and I have been writing for a really long time (in proportion to how long we’ve been on this Earth) and we love it! So this pivot makes sense because it’s more than a company core competency, it’s our passion. And working within our passion equates to a lot of big cheesy smiles while we’re typing articles like these.

Business-wise, content creation is an easier sell for Nao Media. We know words. We speak the language. We know how to use the right words to connect with your business, brand, and mission. We know how to write copy that packs an SEO (search engine optimization) punch without sacrificing creativity. Financially, our overhead is low, which is always awesome for the bottom line. And we can charge prices ideal for us because we’re confident in our writing skills and the value we provide to our clients.


Nao Media’s Vision

Television and film is in our future (possibly our near future). We’re already doing scriptwriting and screenwriting for commercials, so the path is clear. Allow me to daydream for a minute. Imagine a team of faith-centered creatives writing, filming, editing, and independently distributing positive movies, shorts, and documentaries. That’s Nao Media by or before 2019. Mark your calendars and get your popcorn ready.


We’re happy about our new focus on creating content for our clients and internal projects. It’s freeing. As a Christian faith-centered business, we give all the honor and thanks to God for His guidance. Our pivot has been ushered by the Holy Spirit. We’re ready. Are you?

About the Author

Chris Craft is a Christian, husband, father, and the author of The Foundation: Branding for Successful Real Estate Professionals and O.P.E.N. Routine: Four Components to Personal Branding Excellence. As the founder of content creation agency Nao Media, Chris helps churches and businesses produce written content and have better conversations with their members and stakeholders. Chris is also the host of The Chris Craft Show, which helps its listeners renew their mind with edifying stories and insights.