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CCS 017 | Mark Schaefer : Branding, Purpose-Driven Business and Christ

Mark Schaefer joins me for Episode 17 of The Chris Craft Show. We discussed personal branding, the purpose-driven business and how Jesus Christ impacts his business. Enjoy the show. Get early access to new episodes, shout outs, exclusive articles, discounts and more… when you become a Chris Craft Show Club Member at More about Mark Schaefer […]

Nao Picks: Best Books to Gift the Modern Marketer

Are books still a thing in 2014? And no, I’m not talking about eBooks (but if ebooks are your thing, here’s a great one to read!). I’m talking about those little paperback notebooks filled with words that require you to lick your finger just to turn the pages. Ahhh! THOSE kinds of books. As modern marketers we appreciate […]

Nao Talks: Mark Schaefer & The Tao of Twitter

THE FUTURE OF CONTENT ACCORDING TO MARK SCHAEFER The online world has been turned upside down again and again since Mark Schaefer published the first edition of The Tao of Twitter back in 2011 (the book has since been updated in 2012 and 2014). Buzzwords and the next big thing in social media come and […]

Social Slam versus your favorite social media conference

Hosted by SMCKnox in charming Knoxville, Social Slam is a social media conference where great content and marketing minds converge and educate. Conferences (especially the social media ones) are hit and miss. They usually hit you for $500-$1500 and then underwhelm with pre-beginner level information that my four year-old daughter could give to me. Not […]